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float Jill ricci art to inspiration june

Float by Jill Ricci

I didn’t immediately fall in love with this month’s art to inspiration. It’s just a bit too busy for me. However, I was drawn to the different patterns in the little gold circles. They’re all so interesting. So I turned to the Anthropolgie where I go to stock up on pattern for my closet. So here are some of my favorite designs from their current collection. Which one do you like best?

art to inspiration pattern anthropologie gold circles

Amapolas | Tyrian Blooms | Akebono | Palolem | BuffedEclipsed | Tie-Dyed | Oroya Echo |  Shaped Feather |  Sedimentology | Ikat Frequencies | Hounded

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8 thoughts on “Art to Inspiration

  1. brynn

    This is so cool! I love all of the patterns, but I’m particularly drawn to the ones with hints of pink in them. So perfect for summer!

  2. Clare

    I love how you did this – your patterned collage is awesome, and definitely so reminiscent of Ricci’s piece. Anthropologie is always an amazing place to find color and pattern! I think my favorite pattern is the pink and coral Sedimentology.

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