Prickly Pear

I think I might have to write a whole post dedicated to Chef Mike Isabella, but until then, let’s just talk about margaritas. I don’t like them, or I didn’t like them. I’ve just never liked tequila or lime. That was before Bandolero. Maybe my taste buds have grown up, but i’m happy to give Mike the credit for it. I love their prickly pear frozen margarita – ok, maybe a little because it’s the perfect pink color!

And who knew what prickly pear actually looked like? Not only do I adore this summer drink (who wants to go back with me?) but I’m totally inspired by the colors in this fun looking plant. Sweet, playful, delicious – let the summer of margarita drinking begin!

prickly pear margarita bandolero

prickly pear pink green{prickly pearmargarita, dressing room, JCrew ad, oil painting}

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