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The quote above was posed this weekend by writer Monica Bhide at Eat, Write, Retreat. It’s something I’ll continue to think about this week because I think Monica really has a point here. We need to understand our purpose, get behind it, and be our number one cheerleader. If you have a blog, or a business, or a passion, I encourage you to think about this sentiment this week too. Tell me, why are you special? Why are you doing what you’re doing?

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3 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration

  1. Betty Ann @Mango_Queen

    Great inspiration to start the week, Nikki! It was so nice to see you at “Eat Write Retreat” ! Thanks for all your hard work. You made such a difference and helped make the event run so smoothly. I will keep thinking about this inspiring lines & get back to you soon. Cheers!

  2. Jenn

    Love this. I recently read a book on leadership and the big takeaway for me is that vision is vital for success in anything. And not just having vision, but communicating it and helping others see it and feel invested in it.

    It’s definitely changed the way I do things, and certainly for the better.

  3. Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat)

    That’s a nice way to start the week. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up and then weeks/months/years go by without being conscious of why you’re doing something. It’s too easy to let time slip away.

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