Galley Kitchens

Taking some inspiration from these beautiful little galley kitchens. They’re a tough space to work with! I’m working on making mine just as sparkly and functional. Note: play up my black and white tile floors, get some statement artwork, display cookbooks, and add a chandelier if you can!

galley kitchengalley kitchengalley kitchengalley kitchen

{Image thanks to: Skonahem, Remodelista, the Kitchn, Lonny Magazine}  

9 thoughts on “Galley Kitchens

  1. Meg

    Even with their compactness, I find these spaces really inspiring! I love the chalkboard paint (I think that’s what it is?) in the second photo — very creative.

  2. Hannah

    Gosh, this is inspiring. I have a galley kitchen that’s smaller than these – it’s tiny tiny tiny – so anything that can help me with design and how to organise the space is great for me to take a look at :)

  3. Carrie Shaw

    Love these! I have a little galley kitchen but it has ugly brown cabinet doors, drawers, and countertops and I have so much trouble figuring out how to make it cute without being able to paint over all the wood! Any suggestions?!

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