Color Me Banana

I’ve mentioned I’ve been on a banana kick recently. I just made this cake and soon you’ll see some fun banana cream pie treats too. Not only is banana one of my favorite flavors, but I’m also digging this color for spring. Wear it, drink out of it, have fun with it! Here are some of my top picks…

banana yellow

Jeans | Hat | Flats | Glass | Favor Bags | Earrings | Shorts

NotecardClutch | Duffle | Bowl | Pillow | Scarf

3 thoughts on “Color Me Banana

  1. Jenn at Living Luxe for Less

    Hi Nikki! I just stumbled upon your blog last night and I love it! So excited to now be a follower. I wrote about the canvas duffles you featured last week today and gave you a shout out on my blog

    I love them! Looking forward to reading more exciting posts, and so happy to know I’m not the only one who eats cupcakes for breakfast! :)

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