Side by Side: Gold Dust on Rosy Pink

A dusting of gold over a pink backdrop makes everything sweeter…

Remember this for your next manicure, for prettying up simple desserts, or your next art project.

pink gold macarons oscar de la renta dress

Sweet and Saucy Shop macarons // Oscar de da Renta dress

I’m getting back into the swing of life after being away for a few days. For highlights from my trip to Utah, check out and follow me on instagram. I think this week will provide much needed inspiration for some upcoming posts…I’ve got some fun things planned! Looking forward to being back in it all.

8 thoughts on “Side by Side: Gold Dust on Rosy Pink

  1. Lisa

    This is definitely giving me some inspiration! Now I’m wondering how to recreate a gold dust effect in Photoshop…

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