Gold at Home

I’ve always been a gold girl. I absolutely prefer it over silver. Gold is warm, regal and fun. So why not add it as an accent, big or small, at home? Some of my favorite examples that do gold oh so well…

Kari and Kirby Schlegel Dallas W Hotel Penthouse living roomgold couch pillows sparklegold wall painted honeycomb bedgold bedroom bed patterngold kitchen backsplash sparklegold dining room Elle Decor chandelier art

{Image thanks to: D Magazine, Decor Pad, Design Sponge, House Beautiful, Courcy Design, Elle Decor}

6 thoughts on “Gold at Home

  1. Sara

    Love love love snippets of gold at home! Especially the delicate coffee table with gold trim! A little sequence never hurt either! LOVE!

  2. mum

    Maybe you grew up in a home that had metallic gold molding throughout the main floor!! Or the golden pop of color on the missoni rug in the foyer. Or maybe it was the gold painted ceiling in the library….hmmmm….maybe that’s why I love gold too!!! love, mum

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