Croissant Flakes

Let’s talk about croissants. (After all, I just learned that it’s national croissant day!)

croissants French France Paris

They’re one of my favorite food groups. So many varieties and sizes. Oh, I could eat them all day long. But, here’s the thing about croissants…they’re a giant mess! When I eat them I get flakes all over myself. When I lived in Paris, I’d casually stroll down my little neighborhood in the 17th arrondissement, taking in the gorgeous homes and nibbling on a warm buttery croissant. I was so cute and Parisan, except that I had croissant flakes all down my black outfit and stuck in the crevices of my scarf. I can’t recall how many times I thought to myself: “How do the French do it? How do they eat these things every day and not make a mess?” I was sure the flakes spelled American on my chest.

Most Sundays, I head down the street to the Dupont Farmer’s Market and along with some seasonal produce, I pick up a croissant or two from Bonaparte Breads. I really recommend you add one of these croissants to your Sunday routine (and save an extra one for Monday morning too) – they’re fantastic and totally bring me back to those Paris streets. But every time I bite in to one of them…flakes everywhere!

So, I guess flakiness could be a sign of a good croissant. I’ve pretty much have learned to embrace the flakes. Or possibly I’m eating them wrong? What do you think?

Something to ponder on this Monday morning…

{Image thanks to: France Ruffenach Photography in the Country Cooking of France}

12 thoughts on “Croissant Flakes

  1. Shannon

    I was thinking the exact same thing when I lived in London! How do you prevent the flakes from dotting your scarf.

    I like your motto, “embrace the flakes!” sounds like the perfect tag line for a photo of crpossants.

  2. carmen

    OOOOOOH how I love croissants, let me count the ways… I promise if you ever come to Barcelona (just read the Vmac+cheese post) I’ll take you to THE best place for chocolate croissants. At our BCN home, its a Sacred Sunday tradition! LOL!
    Love your blog by the way!
    Hugs from overseas

  3. Ashley

    Don’t worry, you’re not doing anything wrong. I’ve made my fair share with French pastry chefs and if they’re not flaky, they’re not good croissants. :)

  4. Katherine Krieg

    totally know what you mean about the flakes – i cannot eat a pastry without making myself look like a child. but they’re just so good!
    absolutely adore your blog! you have such fabulous taste and a lovely way with your words. keep it up.

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