Cake Transformed

Last week I made a four-layer chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup topping. Yeah, decadent. And awesome. Check it out…

chocolate cake pudding dessert reese's peanut butter cup layers

But then this happened…

chocolate cake pudding dessert reese's peanut butter cup layers mess

Yes, the top layer totally just slid off. See, I’m not all pretty pictures on this blog…you get to see my mistakes too. Usually something like this would get me so frustrated, but this time I just sat on my kitchen floor laughing. I really don’t know for all long I was there. I just couldn’t stop laughing. There’s really nothing else I could have done. Just pure cake comedy.

But once I collected myself, I was able to put it back together just a bit…

chocolate cake pudding dessert reese's peanut butter cup layers gold

And before it could fall again, I completely deconstructed it and turned the cake into a giant parfait. See, if something goes wrong with your cake, don’t fret. Just cube the cake, mix with the pudding, and layer with whipped cream. It still tastes just as great and decadent. And look how inventive you are!

chocolate cake pudding dessert reese's peanut butter cup layers parfait whipped cream

Oh, I also made a few matching cupcakes with leftover cake batter. Oh so cute!

chocolate cake pudding dessert reese's peanut butter cup layers cupcake whipped cream

So the point of this post? I had high hopes for how this cake would turn out and how it would photograph. And well, in that respect, it failed miserably. But I had a ton of fun. And really, that’s what it’s all about.

In the past few months I’ve had the chance (yes, lucky me!) to spend some quality time alone. It’s not always easy. It can be lonely. But I’ve come to enjoy it and embrace hanging out with my super fun self. This cake fiasco was one of those moments. When I was sitting in my kitchen laughing hysterically at this over-turned, ridiculous, over-the-top cake, I was truly having fun. And that’s a discovery worth celebrating with some chocolate pudding cake/parfait/cupcake.

15 thoughts on “Cake Transformed

  1. Charlotte

    Nikki, what do you do with all of your creations after the camera is put away? Bring them to work? Invite friends over for dessert? I want to start baking, but I’m terrified of feeling the need to eat everything myself.

  2. Katie P

    Peanut butter cups are kind of my biggest weakness (ok, maybe shoes and then peanut butter cups). This all looks DEEEEEEElicious! And way to go on the positive outlook! Laughter is the best!
    xoxox kat

  3. Lisanne

    This might be one of my favorite Nikki-baking-stories so far…something planned, something changed, laughter, something new. I imagine a book title, something like…Baking My Way Through Life. <3

  4. carmen

    Oh my, note of advice, next time something like this happens, dont worry, just send me a tupperware with the runaway layer to Barcelona.
    I promise I’ll treat it as it deserves!

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