Hit the Floor

Ah, the rug: the foundation of any great (or poor) room design. An new area rug is just one of the many accents I’d really like to change up in the “living room” of my studio apartment. There are so many great designs out there though and I’m having trouble/so much fun picking just one style. I could go bright and bold or with a more muted pattern. Tell me, which one is your favorite?

rugs apartment decor floor

 one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

13 thoughts on “Hit the Floor

  1. MJ

    3!!!! Gorgeous! So girly, I love it. Plus, it will hide some dirt with those bright colors/patterns. (What?! I can be practical and girly.)

  2. sarah @ chevrons & stripes

    I’m personally a fan of decorating my own abode with neutrals and then adding in pops of color. I only recently got a rug because I’m SO PICKY. I want to love it for a long time so I chose something super simple to work with. That said, #4!

  3. Emily

    #2 if you go dark, #8 if you go light, and #3 if you want/need more pink (I mean, of course!) or just want bright and fun. I’m terrible with rugs, want to choose one for me too? :)

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