Garden Party

Let’s take a break from winter. Please? Just for a minute. Because recently I’ve been dreaming of a perfectly pretty spring garden soirée. With bright pink flowers and striped navy bows. With cute little desserts and flowing bubbly drinks. Fresh, warm, preppy, fun. Let’s throw one, shall we?

garden party preppy pink events spring

garden party preppy pink events spring{Image thanks to: Joielala, Kate Webber, Martha Stewart, Jen Huang, Allan Zepeda, Marilyn Nakazato, Ann Robert, Sarah Maren, Victor Sizemore, Angie Silvy}

7 thoughts on “Garden Party

  1. MJ

    I want flowers like this at my party! I try to pretend I’m not a girly pink girl…but I’m SO a girly pink girl ;)

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