Too Cold to Blog

winter cold cozy print fur boots

Ha, just kidding. Almost. It’s been pretty darn cold here in DC and I just can’t get my fingers, toes and nose warm. So I’m thinking super warm thoughts. Like these…

Restoration Hardware slippers Graffiato gnocchi tea reading Hunger Games

  • • My favorite vanilla and cinnamon black tea from Trader Joe’s in one of my Anthropologie “N” mugs
  • • Roasted potato gnocchi with black truffle and wild mushroom from Graffiato – aka melt-in-your-mouth amazingness
  • • Day dreaming of a trip to sunny Southern California
  • • My plush foot duvets (silly name, stupid warm) from Restoration Hardware
  • • Curling up under the covers to read the third Hunger Games book (the “Girl on Fire”) on my Kindle Fire (fire = warmth)
  • • Yoga in a dark, toasty room with a focus on breathing and letting go
Tell me, what’s keeping you warm in this chilly January weather?

{Top image thanks to: School House}

2 thoughts on “Too Cold to Blog

  1. Sarah

    Hey, I found your blog through twitter and I love it! I moved to DC last winter and I am also a yoga instructor, but I am having a hard time finding a good studio to go to…any tips?

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