Happy Weekend

chin up buttercup

Trying to remind myself of this today…but petty thoughts keep getting in the way. Focus. Move on.

Well it’s been the longest week ever. And while I’m looking forward to the weekend, I’m still going to be super busy. I think I’ve only have one night in the last month that I haven’t had something planned. I need to keep busy and keep doing things so I don’t stall and well, just think about things. And instead go out and enjoy amazing things like dinner at Graffiato.

Soon it will be Christmas and I’ll be home with my family. I can’t wait for this. I need this to come fast.

A quick note to my fantastic readers and friends: you’ve been the coolest people in the world recently and I love you so much for it. You inspire me so much and help me keep my chin up every day. Have a wonderful weekend.

{Image thanks to: The Love Shop}

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