Giving Thanks

country road fall wet rainy yellow orange leavesAmid heartache, there is still so much I’m thankful for in my life. After reading this New York Times article about how Thanksgiving actually is one of the most emotionally good-for-you holidays, I even more so wanted to tell the world (and myself) the things for which I’m grateful. I truly believe that this is an important thing to do…to remember the positives and count blessings, even despite the pending holiday. So I’ll keep it short…three things that I’m thankful for today and this week…

I have the most supportive and fun family and I’m absolutely delighted to spend time with everyone this week. There will be so much laughter, great food, coziness and love. My family alone makes me the luckiest girl.

My friends might not all live in the same city, nor have I actually met all of them in person, but they are all super special. Recently, I’ve had the fortune to (re-)learn how caring and awesome these people are. I can only hope that I’m as good as a friend back to these folks.

The open road. Well this one is a pretty scary. For the first time in a while I have absolutely no sense of what’s next. But I’m going to be thankful for it because soon I’ll learn to embrace it. And soon it will be the best thing that’s ever happened to me. (Right?)

{Image thanks to: tilman paulin}

2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Erika

    And your readers (like me) are thankful for YOU! I’m excited to see what’s down the road for you, Nikki! Great things, I’m sure :) Happy Thanksgiving!

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