Give A Little


Oh, yes, I’m not afraid to admit it. My favorite band is Hanson. Of course I loved mmmbop the first time I heard it in 4th grade. But they’ve grown up too and I’ve continued to listen to their music for the past 15 years. Yeah, they’re still making music. Did you know that?

Last night I went to my fifth Hanson concert (yep, you heard that). After the past few weeks I’ve been having, this concert was exactly what I needed. They played my absolute favorite songs, including an early one I’ve never heard them play live but always wanted to. I sang very loudly, danced the whole time and just let loose. Man, I needed that. Thanks, guys.

Before you judge, listen to this song. I mean come on, don’t tell me it doesn’t make you get up and shake your booty.

So, what’s your guilty pleasure? What makes you forget all of your worries and stress and and just makes you smile and jump around like you’re a pre-teen again?

Not to mention, Taylor still makes me swoon. Eee!

5 thoughts on “Give A Little

  1. MJ

    Haha. I love this. I’ll sing along to a Hanson song-sure! My guilty pleasures are many but definitely include waaaay too many CW shows (Vampire Diaries…eee!) and Janet Evanovich books (even though they are all essentially the same). And in the season approaching, I can’t get enough of the Johnny Mathis Christmas album. True confessions! Eeek!

  2. Meg

    Were you at the Falls Church show on Wednesday?! If so, I was definitely there with my sister! Hanson is also my absolute favorite band, and the show was incredible. No one can make me forget my troubles and just let loose like they can. I’m pretty sure that was the twelfth show I’ve seen since 1998 (!), and I’m up for another twelve — or more!

    Also, Taylor? YUM. He will always be my first love. I tried to take a few photos at the show, but my camera wasn’t digging the darkness . . . and my constant dancing.

  3. MJ

    Oh, goodness. And I forgot my #1 guilty pleasure: Mandy Moore movies. Guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Hopefully, you’ll out a few more Hanson fans with this though :)

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