Nothing is perfect

flourless chocolate cake imperfect messy cream cheese swirl

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

You know that phrase. You’ve probably heard it way too many times.

I’ve been bad though. I’ve forgotten about it over and over. I’ve been so focused on destinations recently. What do I want to do? Where do I want to go? I’ve had this compulsive urge to figure it out. And figure it out quickly.

But nothing is perfect. And I can’t know exactly where life with take me. As a compulsive planner this is very difficult for me grasp.

Trying to remember this while planning/not planning my life of course stresses me out. And so of course that makes me want to get in the kitchen and bake something delicious and comforting. Ah. My need to control things. Ah. It all makes sense now.

Anyway…late one night last week I had this urge to bake something warm and gooey and chocolatey. I was running low on flour but I had a block of cream cheese I wanted to use so I found a recipe for a flourless chocolate cake with a cream cheese swirl.

It didn’t all go as planned though. I didn’t have semi-sweet chocolate, just milk chocolate chips. I think I put way too much espresso in the mix. And the whole thing stuck to the bottom of the pan, so I had to rip out chunks of it piece by piece.

It wasn’t the perfect chocolate cake I wanted. It didn’t look pretty. It didn’t photograph the way I invisioned. But it was really good. It was really good right out of the oven when I couldn’t wait for it to cool. It was really good the next day when I brought the entire plate of cake into bed with me. And I think it will continue to satisfy when I dig into the pieces I wrapped up and put in the freezer so I can keep it just a little bit longer.

Not everything in my life can be picture perfect. I don’t always know how things will turn out. I can mess something up and it can still turn out great. Nikki: remember this about everything else in your life.

flourless chocolate cake imperfect messy cream cheese swirl

Just a little life lesson learned in the kitchen and with chocolate stuck all over my fingers. (The best kind, I think.)

Recipe (kind of) from here.

10 thoughts on “Nothing is perfect

  1. Sarah

    Well put…learning to slow down and embrace the unperfect things is hard for me as well. I think that means it’s time for a vacation :)

  2. victoria | vmac+cheese

    Oh, I LOVE this post. The third paragraph pretty much sums me up to a T. Always about the destination, forgetting about the journey. Cart before horse. Guilty as charged. I will say though as I’m getting a little older, and as I see how things work out and eventually make sense, I find myself having way more faith in the process. I’m starting to understand how the path I’ve been on is leading to where I am now. And I like it! I guess it’s all about relinquishing control. Which is tough. But I think your cake is the perfect example of what can happen when you do! In fact, I think I’m going to print out a picture of it and keep it up in my office!! :)

    Okay, I’ll shut up now.

  3. Erika

    An amazing post – and such an important lesson! I love this reminder. (And that you brought the plate of cake into bed. I would do the same thing :)

  4. Michaela

    Totally agree with this! Isn’t it amazing how small things in life, like cooking, can teach such broader lessons?! Love the truth to this post. Definitely about the journey. Something to remember this week!

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