I just love that word. Caramelized.

It might be one of my favorite words to say. And well, to eat too.

caramelized onion goat cheese tart

I made this goat cheese and caramelized onion tart a few months ago, but was reminded of it this afternoon when I made some balsamic brown sugar caramelized onions. I do love the combination of caramelized onions and goat cheese. The onions go especially well with the Firefly Farms bûche noir I picked up at the farmer’s market this morning. And the amazing curried butternut squash tart I bought yesterday from Whisked!

I paired the two with a simple salad and baguette for dinner tonight. But this week I plan on making another tart with the cheese, onions and slow roasted heirloom tomatoes.

There’s something about the combination of all of these things that’s rustic, simple and imperfect but oh-so-perfect at the same time. This is the kind of food I’m really into right now. I hope to share more.

3 thoughts on “Caramelized

  1. MJ

    Were you thinking about this when you wrote the cake post? It’s funny how well they dovetail. When you “caramelize” something, you have to cook it long and slow to allow the sweetness to come out…you can’t rush it or speed it up or the flavor is stronger, the texture crisper…you lose the mellow, soft,sweetness. It’s all about patience. But, the result…totally worth it. Kind of like life, huh?

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