A Place for Everything

Hello friends. Is it only Tuesday still? Just counting down the days until I’m on vacation for a week on Nantucket Island….

Anyway, I’ve been searching for a perfect bookcase/storage unit for my studio apartment for some time now. I’ve had the idea of what I’ve wanted for a while, but because of price and time and other (lame) factors, I just haven’t bought one yet. I need it mostly for storage, and because the shelves I have now are mismatched and from freshman year of college. Everything else in my apartment has grown up since I’ve graduated, so it’s time my shelving does too! I need a stylish place for all of my books, journals, magazines, champagne glasses, photos and other fun trickets. Plus all of these fabulous Glitter Guide “Style at Home” segments are making me antsy to do some extra decorating, just in case they show up at my door with a camera.  :)

Of course, now that I’m about to leave for vacation I’m finally ready to commit to one…I’m almost positive! So until I can make the trip to the store, put it all together, and style it with all of my favorite things, let’s take a look at of some exceptionally inspiring bookshelves and collections…

{Image thanks to: Apartment TherapyInside StoopBold and Beautiful World,House to Homethe DecoristaLonny, Domino}

One thought on “A Place for Everything

  1. MJ

    I’ve always wanted one of those nice room dividing book shelves, but am terribly afraid Lola would somehow topple it over and crush herself. Which sounds crazy. But, then again, she opens the refrigerator. Also sounds crazy, but actually happens. So, for now, against the wall shelving only :)

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