Peach Shortbread

Oh, summer peaches…. I grew up in the small town of Chester, New Jersey. It’s known for the following things: antiquing, the fall craft fair, the giant corn maze shaped like a pirate ship or dinosaur, a restaurant called the Turkey Farm, and the August peach festival. Yeah. Exciting. It really was a wonderful town to grow up in, but seriously, even people from New York come to New Jersey for these things…tons of them. Despite that I adore all of these things, it boggles my mind. You people live in a city where real things happen. The peach festival, however, now that’s a special event.

Hundreds of people visit the Chester peach festival every summer, which is hosted in the front yard of a church in the center of town. There are crates and crates of peaches stacked up high. And peach jam. Peach pies. Peach ice cream. Oh and some banjo music and antiques too probably.

The point is, this sweet smell and taste of peaches is my epitome of summer.

The peaches at the DC farmer’s markets have been pretty good. (Maybe even peach festival worthy.) I’ve been grabbing a couple every weekend and if I don’t devour them right away, I’ve been trying out baking different things with them.

This crumbly peach short bread was so simple and had all my favorite buttery flavors plus perfect sweet peach slices. It would be a great dessert to bring on a picnic or even as a special little breakfast.

Sadly, I’m missing the Chester peach festival this year…so I guess I’ll have to make up for it with more desserts. Like this little galette I just whipped up the other night for dessert for my boyfriend. So easy, so peachy, so summery.

{Shortbread recipe here}

3 thoughts on “Peach Shortbread

  1. MJ

    We are just getting peaches at the markets! Lots more to come! I love peaches wrapped in prosciutto, drizzled with a balsamic glaze and served over arugula. Mmmm….I actually got to see a peach tree when I visited Common Good Farm (pictures on my blog). I don’t think I’d actually seen one before! Crazy.

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