Holiday Feasting

a few food memories from Christmas dinner…

Antipasti made from meats, cheeses and veggies from Claudios in Philly.

Red and golden beet, orange, blood orange and fennel salad.

Roasted cauliflower.

Fresh pasta with the best sauce ever.

Meatballs in the best sauce ever.

Christmas cookie tray...the pignolies were our favorite this year. YUM.

Here’s to food this good in 2011!

4 thoughts on “Holiday Feasting

  1. Lisanne

    I’m so happy to see the cookie tray, I feel like a celebrity tonight on the yummy cupcake blog, Happy Sweet New Year :-)

  2. Tori

    I LOVE the cookie tray, you must have done that with someone very talented in the cookie area :) Looks great Nikki!

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