Guinness, Whiskey, Bailey’s Cupcakes

what else is more appropriate to celebrate a guy’s birthday? I knew I couldn’t go wrong with a dessert with three kinds of alcohol. Chris (and everyone else who tried them) loved the Guinness chocolate cupcakes with a whiskey ganache filling and Bailey’s cream frosting. Mmm mmm.

I’ve never made a filled cupcake before, and while it was a bit of a process, I thought they came out great and I’d definitely do it again. I loved every bit of these cupcakes…The Guinness helps make the chocolate cake moist and dense. The ganache was silky and added another great texture and flavor pop. And the frosting was sweet and boozy and just a great consistency. These would be great to make for a party…they will be a huge hit, I promise!

This great recipe came from Smitten Kitchen – though I definitely made some adjustments with the ganache and frosting. I would taste the ganache and frosting as you make it and adjust the alcohol quantity based on your taste. (Of course, I added a little more than instructed.)

Fresh out of the oven. The Guinness adds great flavor to the chocolate but isn't overpowering.

Cut out and ready to be filled.

Filled with chocolate whiskey goodness.

You know you want one...

A view from the inside...Yummy

Topped with orange sprinkles, of course.


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