Corner Café




I once took a risk. I didn’t think it was at the time though. But it was new and challenging and all types of scary. I don’t take risks. I once took a risk and abandoned my routines, traditions and plans.

And I found a new one. At the Royal Pereire café in the 17th. In the corner window. With a café crème, my journal and watching the people walk by. It was simple. It was easy, but it wasn’t too. It wasn’t Starbucks. But I do the same thing at Starbucks. It was new.

Risk taking at a corner café….

One thought on “Corner Café

  1. Jenn

    Love this post. I’m the same way — a total creature of habit. I’ll order the same thing at a restaurant every single time I go.

    It’s funny how these little deviations from the norm can feel so exhilarating.

    You’ve also got me even more excited for my trip! I hope I can channel some of this bravery to go exploring Paris on my own.

    Finally….I want to steal that mug.

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