My first apartment: living and sleeping


Yeah, I wish… but that’s not it.

The picture above is my inspiration (from Glamour Magazine) for how I wanted to design it.

This fall I moved into my first apartment. It’s a studio apartment right off of Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. so it’s the absolute perfect location and just barely within my budget. Being that it’s one giant room, its not huge, but it definitely is enough room for me.

I took hints from the Glamour article and Nate Berkus about creating separate spaces for different areas: dining, living, sleeping, dressing. (Still working on getting the whole office/desk set up.)

“Embrace the open space! “In a studio apartment, you have to be comfortable with everything being on display, and that includes your bed,” says Berkus. Instead of using a screen (“They’re so old-school!”), he suggests pushing a couch with a high back against the foot of the bed, which creates the illusion of separation.”

My favorite space is definitely the comfy bed layered with crisp sheets and the best down comforter ever and the dressing area with the flokati rug, huge mirror, and piece of flocked wall paper I got from working at House Beautiful. That area is glamorous, soft and warm – which is exactly what I love to wake up to.



The apartment is definitely a work in progress. I’m still working on adding storage and counter space in the kitchen, decorating the walls especially in the dining space and getting a desk so I can organize my collection of note cards and sticky notes.

More to come about the rest of my place… especially the kitchen where all the baking magic happens.

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